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NYC Mechanical Bull Rental

🤠 Saddle up for a rip-roaring good time with our mechanical bulls, the ultimate crowd-pleaser that’ll turn your event into a memorable bull-riding hoedown with our mechanical bull rentals!

Whether it’s a college bash, birthday celebration, or corporate shindig, mechanical bull riding rentals adds a touch of excitement and adventure that everyone will be buzzing about with our mechanical bull rider and thrilling bull riding experience!

Rent a Mechanical Bull

🐂 Concerned about safety? Fear not! Our electronic Galaxy Bull is the safest in the market, equipped with advanced safety features and subjected to rigorous testing.

Mechanical bull riders of all ages can enjoy the thrill with confidence, thanks to our comprehensive event rentals and mechanical bull offers providing an unforgettable bull riding experience.

Whether you’re organizing a western-themed party or just want to inject some adrenaline, the bull rental is the perfect choice.

Amazing Mechanical Rides

🎪 Our expert staff will be on hand to guide riders, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

We can adjust the bull’s speed to accommodate everyone from a 10-year-old first-timer to a seasoned cowboy.

Mechanical Bulls for a Perfect Party

With our safety commitment, attention to detail, and dedication to creating lasting memories, we guarantee an experience your guests will talk about for years to come.